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    • Hi All I'm still learning and still asking lots of questions.  Thanks for all the help. This was advertised as a non-runner but I found a dial foot screw loose under the escape wheel.  So far so good.  Now, it appears that a screw or post is sheared (in yellow) off this part.  I believe it's part of the date quick set.  It appears that the case pusher impacts the red part which causes the blue part to advance the date.  I think that the bar spring should be under what ever is missing at the yellow hole.  Do I have this correct?  What are the chances of buying a new blue part??? Thank you Charlie    
    • Looks like. T54/11N4B7 with a different train bridge.diameter?does it run?
    • Hi Davey   that sounds spot on  the chime release can only take place on the hour to re scync the chime when it is in the lock position  lets have a few pictures of the cam and lever  and sliding lock setups so others can reference it there are sure others out there and there is no tech info from smiths at all now. good to know it is sussed out well done you.
    • Agreed.with the balance and pallet assembly removed the watch should spin.even with a weak mainspring.
    • It's about 99.99% not a mainspring issue. It should limp along with a 5x weaker spring- poorly but running. Is the train free with the balance and fork out? Like two clicks of wind, train should run and escape wheel should turn backwards at least a little at the end. With just a few clicks of wind the fork should snap back and forth cleanly. With fork out and balance in, balance should oscillate freely and for quite some seconds with a swift twist of the movement. If these things aren't happening then start checking methodically.

      Going back to the barrel- it could be an issue: when you assemble it you should hold the assembled barrel between stout tweezers on the ends of the arbor and check for endshake. Make sure the cap is fully seated. Make sure the holes in the plate aren't too worn (often an issue with seiko). But even if all that was wonky it should 'run', at least poorly, with a couple of turns of wind.