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side-shake /end-shake what is the proper way?

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Ok guys i have a question for you for example on a balance wheel wheel that has too much side shake what is the "proper way" to fix it do you replace the balance staff or the jewel or do something else and how about the on the train wheel bridge is it the same do you change the jewel or replace the gear how can you tell for certain that it has excessive side shake  and that brings up my next question what about end shake what is the proper way of doing that i saw in one of marks videos that on the balance wheel he had a video of the the pocket watch movement that he does in his training course when he used the screwdriver to tighen the screw he ballence stoped becaouse it didnt have enough endshake so he saw a bump on the mainplate that when he cleaned it or whatever he i guess the bump whent down flush with the movement and didnt allow clearence so he just put a new bump on it he said the is not the proper way but it is what some watchmakers do to cut the cost of the repar and save the customer money so my question is what is the proper way and is that way differnt for the train wheel bridge 

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The proper way to adjust end shake is to move the jewel with the jeweling tool. 

Side shake is more problematic. Replacement is ok in the train. For the balance however, the balance itself should be replaced if the pivot is worn out. 

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