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timex quartz movement replacement

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Hi everyone,

I was asked to take a look at a broken Nautica watch. I tried a fresh battery and fair enough, it doesn't run. Closer inspection revealed a broken part on the setting lever (???) (not sure this term applies to quartz movements, there are lots of parts in there that don't look like anything I'm used to).

Turns out the movement is a Timex m649. So I looked around the usual places for a replacement: Otto Frei, cousinUK, Esslinger.... and the EvilBay but no luck. I's either not available or marked obsolete. I'm was hoping to find a chart with an equivalent movement or the new version of the movement but no luck. I'm trying to get watch to tick more than I want the indiglo function to work if that makes any difference (althought it comes from the dial, not the movement apparently).

Would anybody have any idea what I could replace this movement with?

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@jdm Thank you for answering my post.

I was going to take all the measurements and post them, but when I took the movement out and removed the dial to see where the feet were, it noticed that a dial foot was broken. One more problem... sigh... So out of curiosity I went looking on the internets and fair enough, I found someone selling the exact same watch, in working condition, but with a broken crystal. For $15 shipped. I'm waiting for it in a few days but that should solve both my problems: new dial and new movement!

For the record, I believe the hand sizes on that movement are 120/70/20. The dial feet are at 7 and 12.

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