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Removing winder from a Rotary watch



In order to clean the strap of my wife's Rotary watch I need to remove the winder.

I've located what I think is the area that I need to work on (see attached pics).  There is an arrow pointing to a lever that moves when the winder mechanism is pulled out.  There is also a post with a dimple (there's probably a better technical term!) between this and the winder.

Should I be able to remove the winder by 1) moving the lever (and from which position) ... or 2) pressing on the post with the dimple?

Any help gratefully received before I damage a watch of sentimental value.

Many thanks

20170816-121815 B.jpg

20170816-122229 B.jpg

20170816_122159 B.jpg

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Hi Tim

the post with a dimple that you are referring to is called the setting lever and in this watch it is a spring push type (there are others that are screw type). You should be able to remove the stem by pressing the setting lever and pulling out the stem at the same time.

See this previous post from Mark on the same: 



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I think you will find the dimple/recess to press is inside the hole with the arrow. Look with magnification and as you move the stem you will see it & just press with a pin/prodder. 

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Don't press it too hard/far or it will get stuck. I sometimes press buttons like these with something wider than the button itself, like a screwdriver, as this limits how far it can depress. I usually release the stem from the "normal" stem position, ie. not in time setting position. Some Seikos require stems to be released in specific positions. 

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I've had/have one or two Rotary watches (with Hattori movements) that only allow you to see the push position through the hole when the stem is in the optimal position for removal...0/I/II, etc...very clever idea.

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