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Another unknown logo to me

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I was given a ladies watch which I'm guessing is circa 1930s to practice on and I can't identify.

I do like the cross hatch finish on the movement, I've not seen it before on a watch.

Below is the logo and a photo of the movement, it now stripped and cleaned and ready to be assembled with the exception that the mainspring needs to be replaced as it is currently fitted with one that was modified to fit poorly.

If anyone can identify the brand it would be appreciated.




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No unfortunately I dont know the movement manufacturer, I haven't been able to identify the logo.

No logo on the dial and I forgot to take a photo of the dial side of the movement until it was mostly dismantled, but I've attached a photo of the dialside for what it is worth, the dial and case if it helps.

The case has a logo of a hand inside it with the word Handley

dial side.jpg



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Handley and Tilley where Australian watch case makers who originally stamped their cases HANTILY the company split in the 1930's and Handley carried on production stamping the cases HANDLEY from 1934 onwards which fits in rather nicely for a watch from your part of the world.

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Thanks wls1971. I looked up AS922 and got the spring size of 1.45 x 9.0 x 0.11 x 260mm  which has made me happy as my calculated thickness and length based on my measurements and the K factor was 9.0 x  0.11 x 270mm.

It's good to know my calculations were correct.

I've now added the mainspring to my next Cousin's order.

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