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Braun quartz ladies watch, hands fell off


I have a ladies Braun quartz fashion watch that I have replaced the battery on before.  This time, when I popped off the back, something happened and two of the hands popped off too.  Ugh!

How do I get the movement and stem out so that I press the hands back on?  I can't see an obvious stem release button.  

Thanks in advance

Skip Williams





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Look for a small dimple or place on the plastic yoke where you can push with a tweezer. You might have to pull the stem out to the setting position to see it. Just for reference, this is a Miyota 5Y20 movement.



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Yea the crown should be all the way pulled and that's where a button/lever should be.

It's possible that you managed to pull the movement away from the movement and the dial pushed against the hands and, therefore, 2 fell off.

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3 hours ago, waterbaloon said:

skipwilliams, I'm having the same problem. Were you able to remove the crystal to position those hands back in place?

You are directing to a member which had posted once only and joined just because of the issue, I suppose that is the same as you.

After removing the stem replace back and the crystal is removed with a 10cc syringe. 


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    • If the label said 12.68Z, what made you say they were for 12.68N? Regarding my own hands, my initial thought was that they were corroded. However, when you suggested they might be painted it got more confusing. They do have corrosion-esque texture, but it could very well be some kind of aged paint with patina. The color is a dark grey, without any discernible hints of the typical reddish/orange rust color. As for what type of hands I should have, I really don't know. Been trying to find an example of the same watch without much luck. When I bought it I somewhat figured it might be a redial, with someone adding the "Sport Chief" text to the dial. I've read some debates about Sport Chief redials on omegaforums, but they basically have two competing viewpoints; Sport Chief redials are common, typically to add value to watches with the popular 30L movement (which mine doesn't have), and Sport Chief redials are uncommon, as there is no real demand for Sport Chiefs. However, upon receiving the watch, the text is very uniform, has the exact same texture and color, the same protrusion and reflective properties. Still though, I can't find many pictures of Sport Chiefs with a painted logo instead of the typical metal insert. One of the closest matches I've found had straight hands with center gaps for lume, but the subdial on that one was still different from mine, so I didn't feel certain that those were the hands mine should have as well.  Anywho, I somewhat enjoy the hunt for the truth, although it delays the process of fixing the watch up to a standard I can be happy with. Gonna add some more close up photos of the dial text/logo and hands, so whoever want to can chime in. Excuse the glare on this one, but  it was the only way to capture the refraction/glare and protrusion in a picture. And the final one is a better lit close-up image of the hands. 
    • I have no intention of buying it.
    • Quartz modules can fail in the most unpredictable ways, circuit for this module is GBP 63, complete module 90, (prices + VAT from Cousins UK). Unless you can live without chrono working.
    • Hi  Guys  I have an international ultrasonic valve driven  the machine works ok but the ultrasonic does not, Bought as a project several years ago still waiting to be done. I will post some pics sometime..  As JerseyMo's one is a single valve, get stuck in and have a go, It might make a big bang so power it up in the yard.
    • Hi  I would check this out with a gieger counter.
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