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North Australian here.

Came here via Mark's excellent videos on YouTube. Watched them all at least once. Looking forward to some more done with his new camera.

Not in the business, or a serious hobby guy. But do like mechanical watches, and learning about them and horology in general. Watched a lot of videos online, and read quite a bit of stuff on various forums and sites. Got a few different books, practical and historical. Currently about a third of the way through Revolution in Time, by Landers, which I really like. Gives a solid historical picture of the whole show. 

Have a couple of basic mechanical watches. A Seagull ST-36 in a stainless case with display back, and a Molinja 3602 pocket watch. Already cased a couple of watches, trimmed a new stem, etc, but would like to get to the level where I can do a basic clean and lube on them every so often. Apart from the oils and one or two basic watch tools, I already have most of the gear needed, plus basic workshop skills with small fiddly stuff from some time at the electronics bench many years ago.

Also looking a bit longer term at putting together a nice vintage pocket watch for my father. So slowly learning some of the more practical issues, like what movements go with what dials, which brands and movements have more spare parts, etc.

Mostly I will just be lurking and reading, and maybe asking the occasional question.  B)

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