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Some time ago I bought several of John Wilding's books on clock repairs and a couple on making clocks.

Most I bought directly from John via his Ritetime Publishing website. I know a couple can be purchased from Camden books, but many more as far as I'm aware were only available via his website, which although is still up hasn't listed any books for sale for some time.

Does anyone know if they are available anywhere else, as I feel the need to buy a couple more?

Or is secondhand on ebay the only way to get them now?


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Why not email Ritetime they have a form on there site for you to fill in. I have found this for you.

Also on the net I have found someone saying all of his books are available. He also contributed to the magazine Clocks with plans of his making different clocks.


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I'm pretty sure I tried contacting them some time ago via the website and got no response, but I've just sent another message.

The ones available on abebooks are generally his more common ones and are mostly being sold for above the price to buy them new..

I already own the following books of his

How to repair antique clocks Volume 1

How to repair antique clocks Volume 2

Tools for the Clockmaker and Repairer (I've made a several of the tools from this book)

Using the Small Lathe

How to make a Simple 16th Century Clock (Currently I have made about 30% of this clock)

How to Make an English Regulator Clock

How to make a weight driven 8-Day Wall clock (updated version)



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RiteTime got back to me and they are still selling their books and they have published several more that I was not aware about.

This weekend will need to have a closer look and decide which one or two to buy.

For those interested I've attached the PDF list of all their books for sale, they range between £25 and £30 each, if anyone is interested in buying some contact them to get the price guide.

RiteTime WEB Catalogue 1213.pdf

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