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Greetings from Germany

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Hello everyone,

I am reading this forum for some weeks now and am really enjoying it. Until recently I had zero experience in watchmaking or repairing but I started to gather basic tools and some scrap mechanical watches to start taking them apart and rebuilding them again. Until now I have practised with two watches which are in a considerably worse state than before. :D But all parts are at their place, none is missing, "just" one ruined hairspring, one broken watchglass and quiet some experience.

So I am in the phase of getting more and more into this subject and thought I might just introduce myself here.

Looking forward to read and write in this forum!


(My alias may sound a little confusing: It is derived of a male figure in a German TV-Series called Kir Royal.)

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@dadistic the phrase @Delgetti is referring to is actually the best flirt phrase I know. Literally it means "there's always a little something to be had (how little it might be)". It occurs in the series when the main character tries to flirt with a female who rejects him at first. Then he utters this phrase. The phrase is quiet famous here in Germany and it is the title of the autobiography of the late films creator Helmut Dietl. - And now I'll stop talking about such off-topic things :)

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Hello Schimm

Welcome from me as well, 

Making mistakes is ok, making the same ones three times would be regrettable. I would have said twice but I have already been there and done that. 

I would have abbreviated your name but can't bring myself to call you Baby and the acronym of BS is not acceptable due to its connotations in the UK. Hope you enjoy it here, lots of experience and info available and freely given.



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