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Well after a year of building my skills and discovering good tools vs bad, I finally have a workspace that is comfortable and large enough to lay out all of my tools properly. A lot of advice I gleaned from Mark and this board so thanks to all865c775d316aac685e84ba7543181d62.jpg

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Its a 3.5X - 45X.  It works just great.  It has an 8" working distance and I use it for balance work and inspecting the mainplate and bridge jewels after cleaning.  You can actually see through a cap jewel into the setting if the ultrasonic removed all the old oil (oil bubble) if there was one.  

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    • Hi, Looking at the Bestfits catalogue, it seems it is a LAPANOUSE movement. Which one, it’s hard to say as atleast 2 of them are very similar on Pages 155 and 156.       The Ligne size is 13’’’ -13.5’’’ when measured on my movement.  Upper plate and bottom plate sizes have a 0.5 ligne difference.    The catalogue has some 13’’’ ligne listed but the parts don’t match.   However,  the two which do match are ligne sizes 10.5 and 12 respectively. I guess as Joe and yourself suggested and to move this forward, it’s easier to measure the mainspring’s H x W x L and then see what’s available on Cousins. Thanks for all your help guys. 🙂 Regards, Yasser.  
    • @watchweasol, Dr. Ranfft's site is a great reference. Have you used the advanced search feature to identify movements? And Cousins is great resource for documents. I should have been more specific in my request. I'm looking for the assembly document. I know it exists because I found a link to it on the AWCI site, but membership is required to retrieve it. Alas, I'm not a member. It's a Tissot document; therefore, AWCI had to get it from somewhere. Thank you for your suggestions, Doug  
    • @MrRoundel and @HectorLooi, A combination of your suggestions solved the problem: the stem moves smoothly through three positions. Thank you very much for your help. Doug
    • It's good that you're panicking Early because the technical communications are still there. Like for instance 30 seconds ago I just downloaded from this link As you are using an example of 7750 PDF.They just don't jump off the website like they used to you have to stare at the website and then go all I know what I'm supposed to do and then you'll get there and you can get your technical communication but don't worry at some point in time they will all be gone. I doubt there's anything they could do to cousins other than just not give them anything new not that they probably give them anything at all anyway. https://shopb2b.eta.ch/catalog/product/view/id/69714/s/7750-7750-5/category/24/ The access the soon or someday to be forbidden knowledge under penalty of death Start at this link https://shopb2b.eta.ch/ Get confused okay maybe that's just me. Notice how the top of the page it specifies mechanical or quartz pick whichever one you like and then go from there. Then under each of those categories you can pick whatever you want view all will work. Then you get the images of all the various movements that are left that we can look at click on those and it looks like 2019 is the age of all the technical bulletins.
    • Lol glad to be of help for a change! Yeah I love my desk that's for sure. 
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