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hello, I am a retired dr of dental surgery.  I am finding the hobby of watch repairing quite fascinating .  The skills required are very similar to my profession.  I have been using many of my dental instruments and work under my 20-40 power microscope.

my topic is TIMEX mechanical watches circa 1959-.  I thought I was getting better dissembling and reassembling many movements like the ETA 2824 ETC.   Then I started with my neighbors 1959 TIMEX self wind-I can't put it back together!  I can see where the movement is not of the quality of the other movements I have played with.  I guess part of my learning curve is running into these roadblocks but some of my ego got a bit injured.  I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience.  

I really enjoy this website.  I also have great interest in photography-especially macro so I am blendinding watch repair into my other interests.  Thanks to Mark 

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Hello! I love your handle, now you need an appropriate avatar. Nice infected tooth maybe? :D

Anyway, I understand about the Timex. It's a full plate movement, and everything must line up perfectly before the plates will drop together. I've found that I can do it if I support the pallet fork while I'm putting it back together, I use Rodico to do that. The other challenge is re-pinning the hairspring, that just takes practice.

I'm kind of fostering the document collection from the old Timex forum, you can find it here.

Timex Documents

There are technical documents there that should help you.

Have Fun!

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Hello Abscess and welcome,

Often looked at some of my dentists tools and thought they would be handy for repairs and cleaning. I know Geo has converted a high pressure water cleaner for watch cleaning.



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