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Awesome Watchmakers Desk From Ikea Stuff!

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Found this while looking for ideas for my new watchmakers space in our new place...

I think it's Awesome! Based on the parts list, it seems it would cost just shy of $500 to build. Looks like a $1500+ unit if you ask me!




Here's the link that list the different parts...



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You might want to put a raised lip around the edge so that if anything does go flying off it will not go over the edge.  Otherwise it looks just what you need and at reasonable money.  :thumbsu:

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Great idea about the lip. At the risk of "destroying the whole design's beauty" I would also close the back between the top drawers (the ones above) and the working surface so it something wants to fly straight back it won't go too far!

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I wanted to see what it looked and felt like, so I went ahead and bought the components and assembled them before the big move. This way, I can get started again a little quicker when I get to Seattle in 2 weeks....


I decided I didn't really need the drawers that were mounted on the brackets, so I just bought a shelf instead. None of the components are actually fastened to each other, so disassembly will be convenient and very quick!

It's a really sturdy setup and the components don't slide around, even though they are not fastened together as they are quite heavy...


The work surface is 39.5 inches, perfect! I will add a "lip" around the edge using inch and a half floor molding. this will give me a 1/4" lip all around to keep parts and tools from rolling off the surface.


All together, the cost was $298 







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I just found out that my idea is spreading and that the table exist now more often. I made an update of my site today because I got some questions which needed some input.

Thanks for building it. Do you have a picture of the table in action? I would love to post them on my site.


Best regards




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