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Certificate Expired

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As it says above, I'm getting a messages from my browser that the site's certificate has expired, as of 04/06.

Hope it's an oversight and not something more serious!

Thanks for all you do, I appreciate that sometimes it's a real pain in the posterior!

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Should of said it seems ok now. Could it of been anything to do with the certificate

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While the certificate was being sorted, none of the member's avatars were showing for me via Tapatalk so maybe.

Sent from my Honor 5c

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    • They make a dust cover for that mike specifically but I think is very overpriced for something easily made. https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/dust-cover-for-use-with-witschi-microphone?code=T52813
    • As the other comments its a pop off case back and most likley a pin lever movement but non the less its worth doing a job on, look forward to seeing the movement.
    • Same issue I have the 1900 which has that naughty spring as well. As a precaution I have the holder sitting on a large duster to soften the blow if it drops out.
    • I'm following this. Case restoration is most important its knowing when to stop as it is easy to damage what has built up over the years. 
    • If you look at the link of the pocketwatch database for the serial number and you go to the parts list you can go to Springs and I snipped out an image. So we have an Elgin part number and a strength as an added bonus you click on the part number and you get this link https://pocketwatchdatabase.com/search/result/elgin/9785822/parts/catalog/X791/250 Fortunately it looks like that particular hairspring goes in a lot of different watches. That's the good news the bad news is we still have to find one and you're going to have to play with the screws to bring it in to time. When I get a chance I'll go look at my Elgin parts catalog and see what it says about the hairspring if there's any other additional information. Then that is assuming that it just needs a hairspring and that it doesn't have a broken balance staff more than likely it's going to need a main spraying and if you're lucky that's all that's going to be wrong with. I don't like when parts are missing like any parts it suggests other things could be missing were not even right. As one of the cautions of buying off of eBay it might look nice and pretty in the picture but in real life that doesn't always agree with the pictures. On the other hand the watch that I bought that wasn't quite what should be scrapped for parts because I really needed one of the parts off the watch so it worked out at the end.    
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