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Beginner's luck, AKA Jason's first attempt at regulating...

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My Autavia 11630 has been losing quite a bit of time recently. So I decided to have a go at regulating it myself. I've bought a Timegrapher to make things more easy (the iOS app I've got on my iPad is ok, but you've got to get the mic on the headphones in just the right spot and keep it there for it to be effective).

Anyway, it probably wasn't the smartest thing to do, starting on something as complex as the Cal 12... especially when you take the back off and the regulation isn't as per Marks excellent instructional videos and articals. It's done via two screws on the balance bridge, the one nearer the jewel affecting the rate, and the one furthest away the beat. Both screws are excentric and shift the the hairspring appropriately.

That said, after 15 mins of working out how it all relates to one another, and seeing what it was doing - this is what I've managed to achieve. Pretty chuffed. :woohoo-jumping-smiley-emoticon:


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So it shouldn't have been loosing time if it had been or if it had they didn't do a very good service it should have been checked and regulated and be good for a few years not a couple of months.

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    • Hello and good afternoon to all.
      OK, here is another little horological teaser for you to get your heads around. I have this great OASIS lady's (?) B270 watch that I got in a set to be repaired. It actually only needed a battery and works great. However, the strap DEFINITELY needs replacing! AND here is my problem. I just CANNOT figure out HOW to get the spring bar out.
      Actually, I am not sure it IS a spring bar. I have tried hard with all manner of tools (spring bar removers, screwdrivers, sharp knives etc.) to get the spring to release, but no joy. I took the strap off by hand, so you can see the photos to see what I have. I really HOPE it IS a spring bar, but if so, HOW to get it out?? And if it is NOT, then HOW to fit a new strap on other than by glue? Also, as an aside to all this, does ANYONE know how to set the date on this watch? 
      But first things first eh! As far as I can tell, there are NOT two positions that you can pull out the crown to. But I could well be wrong.
    • Hi friend, welcome and all good wishes for your success. Regards, Mike.
    • There are three different types of stand/holder for this microscope I have seen on eBay. This one on a (sort of) rigid stand, one with what looks like a flexible gooseneck style stand and one on a tiltable suction based stand. You could therefore get one you could angle if wanted - you may even be able to buy the stands seperately as the microscope is the same. Stephen
    • Welcome, Franks enjoy the forum.
    • Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum. Have you worked on any verge clocks? If so you will have some idea on how a verge works. As ecodec has said they can have big problems and are not for the faint hearted.