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    • That phrase sets the cliche "parsimonious Scotsman" in me in "to how could I do that better (i.e. cheaper) mode"....  I presume that it works by twitching that control arm, and "listening" to the resulting resonance, then repeatedly tweaking the frequency of the "twitch" until maximum amplitude is obtained.  Does anybody know if my presumptions are correct?  
    • Not only will it not run well (if indeed it runs at all), it runs the risk of damaging the teeth of whatever it meshes with.
    • Here are a few more little Timex Group related facts. Shortly after purchasing the Waterbury Clock Company in 1941, founder Thomas Olsen renamed the company Timex, as a portmanteau of Time (referring to Time magazine) and Kleenex.[3] The Fred Olsen group is also one of  the  Scotland's large land owners, which makes them one of the handful of entities that "own" Scotland, as a result of its arcane and feudal land laws. More interesting history here -> http://www.andywightman.com/archives/category/who-owns-scotland Now I'm not suggesting we go quite as far as this guy, but... ... the current situation of "land management" (i.e. large slash and burn "grouse moors" and industrial scale toilet roll farming) is unsustainable in the long term. We do need a rethink.  
    • Oh crap... just checked Ebay and Cousins. No replacement..... It is really nice of you to ship me one.
    • You want to see more awesome hairspring tools? http://www.greinervibrograf.com Be well seated before opening the price list.
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