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Revue 56 w. Incabloc (or not)

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As a beginner in the field of watch service/repair I have stumbled through a few movements and picked up so much value and guidance through Mark's videos. 

Lately I have taken a fancy to a couple of old Revue Sport watches with Revue 56 movements. These are supposedly late 30's or early 40's and the ones I have are fitted with Incabloc protection even though I have understood and seen examples on the web that the non-inca may be more common. 

In one of my movements I have a broken balance pivot and would prefer to swap out the complete balance (# 721) for a new one as I don't have the tools/skills yet to swap out the staff only. I find that there are different versions for the staff (inca/non-inca) available and the dimensions are close to identical, there's only a diameter that differs very slightly in the numbers.

I have found suppliers for the 721 non-inca balance complete part and my question is if that part will run in my inca version of the movement?

With the overall staff length identical between the staff versions, there should be a decent chance or...?

Grateful for any advice out there...


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Hi and thanks for the quick response!

I had based my statement on the info attached, where the "Noveau" version is identical in length but differs in the B and F dimensions. 

So it would appear that there is a 3rd staff version out there...?

But you are right, there would be more end shake with a non-inca staff balance. The difference is 20 micron, which in my world doesn't sound like much :-) 

Maybe I should just get one and try it out...




revue 56_inca.jpg

revue 56_noveau.jpg

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Hi again,

Been thinking what to do here and decided to step up my ambition a notch.

Went hunting on ebay for a staking tool set and have one coming in soon. Supposedly a bit surface rust on it but hopefully I can get that cleared...

What I wasn't fully aware of was the need for a device to remove the roller from the stem. And it seems there wasn't one included in the set I purchased, even though I'm far from understanding all the potential use of the parts in there.

Looking around, there seems to be a variety of tools and add-on's available for this purpose, ranging from the highly professional (that I see Mark using in a video) to the really simple one like the picture I included here.

Does anyone have advice on where to go here? I am intrigued by the simple approach (and cost) of the one in the picture and was thinking this might be a good starting point.


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Hi all,

Time flies and I realize it's now two months since my latest activity on this thread.

I wanted to round this one off with my latest experiences and findings that might be of some general interest.

I went ahead and purchased a complete non-inca balance and an inca balance staff.

The hope was that the non-inca balance would work in spite of the expected larger end-shake.

Result: negative! When mounted the balance got pinched and wouldn't move freely at all, which was kind of the opposite of what I had expected. The only conclusion I can make is that the pivot shapes are somewhat different and not compatible between inca and non-inca....?

Having gathered enough courage I decided today might be as good a day as any to make a try with the correct balance staff and my new staking set, to which I have also added a staff remover.

Watched Mark's Cyma video a couple of times and went to work with riveting etc.

And to my immense surprise it works!

Without even cleaning the movement it starts to run on first attempt with an amplitude around 250 degrees and a beat error at 1,2 ms. Easily regulates down to a few sec's as it lies on my work bench.

I see a bit of slow beat waves on the timegrapher curves, which I presume is connected to some wobbling (can't see any though) or imperfect poising. Comments to this behaviour (that I have seen on other movements) is appreciated.

Crossing my fingers it will still run in the morning and happy for now...


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