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identifying a replacement crystal - help pls


Hi all,

Embarrassing beginners’ problem.!

Whilst replacing the battery and using a press to fasten the back plate onto a watch, I have broken the crystal…(was rushing, will use concave piece properly next time!)

The watch is an Emporio Armani AR2041. 

My problem is I cannot find the correct part number/specification for the crystal on the internet anywhere, (and thus the dimensions and thickness etc,), or do I take the pieces and measure them,  to reorder from Cousins?

I assume it will be a mineral domed that is required?

 Any help would be appreciated,

many thanks


ar 2.png

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As there's no sweep seconds hand a flat glass should be ok, providing you have good clearance from the bottom of the bezel and across, if you thing its touch and go with the height of the hands then a low dome will be best Measure inside the bezel from 12 down to 6 or 9 across to 3 in mm and  order from your supplier. 

Don't you have any of the broken glass to see what it was like?

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