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Bezel Popped off Easily: Navitimer Gold 1959 AOPA

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I own the watch described in the subject.

When changing the band recently, the bezel popped off.  I was able to press it back on, albiet it took a little bit of effort.

I plan on taking it to a watchmaker for repair, I just wanted to understand what would/could have caused this to happen and what parts would be needed to 

repair this.  The bezel rotates in order to do calculations for aviation.  Pictured is a photo of the watch I have ( not mine, but identical model, poor band color choice).


Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 8.32.01 AM.png

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The bezel ring has a flat wire spring that holds it on. It can pop on and off. This does cause wear to the grove and spring if done enough.  Not sure the condition of your watch but dirt and oil can get under the bezel ring and cause it to pop off.  Getting the watch serviced and cleaned is a good first step.

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    • https://ranfft.org/caliber/6487-Helvetia-800 Two springs listed for the calibre, one is 0.095 and the other is 0.1
    • Hi. Once silver soldered and cleaned up it shouldn’t need a brace across the joint. If all else fails I have a few movements with the braces on.  A PM if you need one.
    • The watch is automatic, but hte automatic module on the picture is missing. All the problems that You are afraid of actually are not problems at all. The only thing that You must take care is when pressing the seconds hand in place. You must then support the movement by the stone of the 4th wheel (in the center of the movement) in order to prevent shifting of the stone.
    • See, what has happen is a normal consequece of the reducing the hammer size and changing it's shape by the removing metal from it. But here the hammer is adjustable and just adjustment is needed to correct, and this is what You have done. There is a rule for the adjustment and it is that the hammer must lay firmly on the seconds counter heart and there should be a litle free play in the same time of the minutes counter heart/hammer which alows counter movement of about 0.5 min on the small dial hand (+/- 0.25). Of course, there is no way to make one hammer to delay from the other, as they are one single part. What has changed too is the slope of the hammer head and thus the orientation of the heart has changed, and thus the switching finger position. This led to need of the finger position correction. The rule here is that switching of the minute counter has to start when the seconds counter hand is on '59'. Of course, the seconds hand must be positioned as so the resetting is at '0' exactly. If switching is earlier than 59, there will be no problem, but it will be wrong as reading can be not correct. If the switching starts later, the problems that You described can happen.
    • Thanks, This watch was in a box of old scrape units that a friend gave me. They used to be his late father's who was a watchmaker before the war and then continued later in life. I picked this one out as it looked like it had potential, and I liked the dial, it's been a bit of a learning curve for a beginner but I was determined to get it going. Now I'm on the final lap it feels good. I'm just wondering whether to invest in a decent set of hand placement tools or stick with the cheap Chinese red thing I have, decisions decision 😆
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