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My 1961 Omega Constellation. Hard to believe its 60 years old. I don't think the Omega bracelet is correct . I believe these types came out in 62'. Doesn't matter since I like these more squared grain

Today.... My 1940's Heuer Ref 347. Rugged looking watch with its battle scared dial. It has a Valjoux 22 under the hood. It's quite a large case for the time which gives it more of a contemporary

1919 Burlington by Vortic Watch CO. USA

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This is my first pocket watch.  It was my grandfather's, them my father's and now mine.  It's what started the ball rolling in my obsession with Elgin pocket watches.  345 will always have a special place in my heart.  This is the 27 jewel version, make the year before yours.  Not as nice a dial, but I love it.post-1270-0-16550200-1447636927_thumb.jppost-1270-0-02449000-1447636930_thumb.jp

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Nice watch, hopefully you can pass it on too! I like the dial on yours, mine actually needs a new crystal to show the dial off better as it has darkened with age. I have a few more Elgin pocket watch movements in my to do box but these are ones that were close to hand that need work. I've added pics of the back of the 345 case and some other Elgin movements, I'm sure I probably have a few more floating around.


What I really want to get my hands on sometime in the future is an Ingersol Mickey Mouse pocket watch with engraved back and the original fob, instructions and box in immaculate condition. They occasionally come up for sale meeting that criteria but not often, usually there is something missing, in bad shape or replaced. I found one not long ago that met the criteria except the sub dial had been replaced with a modern replacement. :(



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your Audax  reminded me of a very similar one that i have. it's amazing how close this roamer dial is to the Audax.

yours has odd number digits on the dial and my roamer has even number digits. everything else is practically the same - sub second, arrow indices with dots for the minute track and an inner circle on the dial. too funny.



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I've been wearing this one of a few days now.  1918 Elgin #20212456 Grd 373 Father Time.  It's a  21j 16s with power indicator.  I bought it from a guy here in Michigan, Terry Grams of Northern Partners.  He allows layaways, so I've been paying a little each month just paid it off. 





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Thought I'd give this "Citizen Crystal Seven Custom-27 Jewels" (what a mouthful!) some wrist time.


I got this watch in a lot of watches off the 'bay (which had a Rado Balboa I had my eye on). The Rado has moved on but I find myself strangely attached to this Citizen and it currently has a permanent place in my box of watches I wear often.


It doesn't have any outstanding design points but I like the fact that it winds butter smooth. It has the Citizen 5204 movement which I recently found out commands a higher price than the other Citizen auto's. Probably on the same level as Seiko 56xx .









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Thanks Ramrod,


Not a jet -rotor unfortunately.. I do have some tho', wore this one a few days ago..







and found this at a fleamarket for around USD15...autowind is broken so its on hold until parts show up. But bracelet alone is worth more than USD15  IMHO.


The autowind is rebuildable if you can find the right-sized balls but the spacer thing which keeps the balls equally spaced out is also missing.







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nice raketa. it's gotta be hard to see that dial and hands n the dark. lol


there is a jet rotor on fleabay with a BIN for $125 right now. it's tempting, but i'm out of brass and can't even think about buy that one.


here's one i'm going to be wearing today. it's a seiko DX with a 6106 movement, so it's a hacking movement. i bought this one off of fleabay a while ago. it arrived in a badly corroded gold plated case. it was hideous. i bought it because i knew it had this beautiful champagne linen dial. and i love those orange indices! so, i recased it in this NOS 8237 SS case. i think it looks far better in the SS case. it's on a period spiedel bracelet, but i'm going to make a leather strap for it.






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Just got back from a buying and visiting relatives trip to the UK, I wore just 1 watch the whole time I was there, will post some pics later.


@perpetual92 I love your 1993 Rolex Datejust, it's a beautiful watch! Shouldn't your nickname be *perpetual93* though or do you have a 92 model as well and are just holding out on us?


Lots of other cool and interesting watches have been posted whilst I've been away. As always, keep them coming!

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I decided to give some wrist time to my fairly new diver:




It had stopped so I charged it with this:




This lamp connects to a USB and gives enough light to be comparable to sunlight. The watch is placed dial down on the rubber "seat" above the lamp. It also uses batteries and/or a DC adapter.






PS. Yeah, I know, the watch crown is supposed to point the other way...I'll correct it in a minute! :)

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I've been very busy lately, so nothing new has been coming off my workbench unfortunately although I do have a pile of watches to work on. :( I hope to get back to that in the new year but Autumn, Winter and the beginning of Spring are my busiest times of the year so I get much less time to pursue my various hobbies.


So does anyone wear a Christmas or event watch today? I am wearing this today, it might not be everyone's cup of tea but I like it. I wear it maybe once or twice a year but I think I forgot about it last year and wore somethinbg else instead.


Rolex President Day/Date 18k Rose Gold


Someone said earlier in the thread, "Not until we see it on your wrist." for a similar watch. I managed with great difficulty with bad light to get a picture of it on my wrist. Not easy with a cellphone though whilst holding it near the computer monitor.


I just noticed that I forgot to set the day when I set the date to the 25th. Corrected now but not in the pictures.


Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it!









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wow! in the words of dustin hoffman in "rainman"....."shiny,,,,,definitely, definitely very shiiiiiny" lol

well, i gotta show this off one more time only because i love wearing it......plus! i made a strap for it. this watch hobby goes well with my leatherworking.

it's my seiko DX.






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Well, Christmas WAS here!  :woohoo-jumping-smiley-emoticon:




Japan movement, probably Seiko V_series, considering Citizen OS series have the eyes in a different position....I don't think I'll be opening it now to find out! :)





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    • Hello Not really a watch question, however I thought I would it it a try. I have a couple of Silver Beer Mugs that are tarnished and all I have to clean them with is the L & R Ultrasonic Watch Cleaning Solution (ammoniated) and a ultrasonic machine. I also have the L & R Ultrasonic Watch Cleaning Solution and an Ultrasonic machine. Does anyone know if I can use these two products on the silver beer mugs or should I get another type of cleaner> Also should I be diluting the cleaning and rinse solutions?  Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided. Michael
    • Hi JDM - Thanks for the detailed reply. The Bezel only looks like a rotating time ring, but it's just a "faux" divers watch, only rated to 50m. I think the Seiko "Solar Power" version actually had a rotating ring and Tritium on the hands and numbers and was rated to 200m or something. But, the bezel is fixed. Also, there are no "indent" or any indication that you could use a Snap Back knife to open the bezel. If this is not indeed a screw off bezel (using a screw type base wrench), then a 4 blade bezel tool is likely the only thing that will remove it. Then I'll need to figure out how the stem is removed so I can remove the whole movement to get to the Cap which I assume is underneath. Other owners on some other watch forums have reported the same experience I had with my Lorus/ Seiko 851 model, the Capacitor fails after only 8 to 10 years and nothing like the "promised" 80 years (Life Time Warranty they refuse to obey). Quite a few owners wrote that they had the Capacitor replaced, but no details on HOW. Read my response above to "watchweasol". There's been some conflict about which capacitor to use as well since the original 2023 24T / MT920 was discontinued 30 years ago (probably the reason all these Lorus Solar watch never met the 80-year promise. Supposedly the replacement Cap is a 3023 24T now. The word in some forums is that this Maxell Cap will last 30 to 40 years. The Seiko Kenetic watches supposedly also use this same Capacitor. Have you ever worked on the Seiko Solar version of this Lorus? Thanks.    
    • @watchweasol - I  know that was the Seiko "company line" for both the Seiko and Lorus branded "Solar Power" versions, but there are an awful lot of folks that bought both and found the Capacitor died, like mine, only after 8 to 10 years and did have the Capacitor replaced with at first the original 2023 24T version and then the 3023 24T, which is apparently a much longer lived replacement. Seiko's "promise" of an 80-year life for this Capacitor was all hooey and likely the reason Seiko quickly dropped both their own branded model and the Lorus ones after just 10 years on the market. Both Seiko and Lorus (who is no longer in North America) refuse to honor the "life time" warranty. One of the reasons I now trust Casio more than Seiko for warranty promises. The movement in the Lorus is literally the exact same one that was in the 3 "Solar Power" Seiko mens models, a Seiko NA tech admitted that to me almost 30 years ago when mine stopped charging. I bought it new in 1986 or 87, and I still have the original paper manual and box and "Life Time Warranty" card (good for nuthin'). I've been a watch and clock "collector" since a teenager, prefer early American pocket watches, but who doesn't love early American MADE and Japanese and Swiss made wristwatches? So I've also collected all the tools a watch and clock tech uses, many pretty vintage too, and learned how to work to a certain degree on most any watch or clock, restoring and fixing, to my limits. I already have that (another version) Bezel removing tool, am just trying to confirm that the bezel is NOT a screw on, or absolutely IS a press-fit. Was hoping to find someone that has either worked on the Lorus version or the sort of same looking Seiko versions that also had the one-piece "tub" body. The Bezel only looks like a rotating time ring, but it's just a "faux" divers watch, only rated to 50m. I think the Seiko version actually had a rotating ring and Tritium on the hands and numbers and was rated to 200m or something. This Lorus/Seiko is an odd-ball and there is absolutely no repair info on them, so that makes me want to fix it more myself.
    • Very, very nice production.  Really outstanding walkthrough!
    • I assume that this is made after Aaron Lufkin Dennison time. I consider this as treasure. 🙂 Case Opener (i should have cleaned it first I see 🙂 ):
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