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Hi all,


Wearing this Vulcain 'Meteor II' today. Don't you just love these funky names? I've always had a soft spot for Vulcain..a lot of it is due to the name itself and the logo (as on the caseback below)..


Inside is nothing spectacular.. just an ETA2452...tried and tested (sorry no pics)!









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It's a Mondia for me today.


My first "proper" watch was a Mondia Sea Scout. It was my 16th birthday present from my parents and I still have it, but it was the start of my interest in Mondia watches and I now have 5 of various vintages. This one was an eBay non-runner that required no more than a service and clean up.

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Nice job on that Sportmatic BL.

Geo I reckon you earned that test drive several times over.

I was out on site today so went for something a little more robust than I would for the office.


Citizen Promaster, a nice big solid reliable chunk.

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I love the dial on that Omega.


Today I grabbed this Seiko Alarm Chronograph watch to be my watch of the day. You don't see many of these around anymore or fully working ones, especially considering that they used to be so popular at one time.




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