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I haven't figured out exactly which model mine is yet. I did have a quick trawl on line, but it seems there are a lot of similar models, but nothing looking like an exact match so far. Here are a couple of closeups for anyone interested. RIMG1164.thumb.JPG.a6b2fa5ce3ae74ce74de9441d37f6bf5.JPG





As you can see there are still a couple of minor scratches here and there. It is tempting to over do the polishing, but I didn't want to change the look of the thing too much, I merely wanted it to look presentable.

The lume on the hands is pretty good, when I removed it from under the light I used while taking those pictures, the lume was bright, even in a well lit room. The face is also very readable, all in all a well designed little watch. It is beginning to grow on me.

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My latest: It's a Geckota K-01 Pilot featuring a fully polished 44mm case, screw down crown and embossed back cover. The movement is a Seiko NH35 with hacking and stem winding but no date. The sterile dial with large numerals and seconds can be read easily. Amazing lume!

The back shot is from the mfg's web site as I didn't want to disconnect the bracelet for a proper pic. Oddly enough, I've had my eye on this one for quite some time. The mfg'r just put these on sale last week. I was browsing another watch forum when this one was posted for sale at half the current discounted new price. The seller felt it was too large for his wrist so I snapped it up. As only 100 of each of this model in brown or blue dials were made, it isn't going to be common. The watch is also offered with ETA movements with other options. Additionally, the packaging was over the top. The box is wood, highly finished and leather lined. Oy!



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2 hours ago, ricardopalamino said:


Hi AndyHull , 

I have a Swatch Irony Body and Soul that is an Automatic and has the original watchband ..  The case front looks like your quartz unit .

These pics are from the internet for display , but mine is exactly the same  . I got mine for [ the good price of $25 ] , because The back crystal was cracked and the watch was not running at the time . because of the cracked crystal I was able to remove it , repair the watch, and install a new crystal . 


On YouTube , Mark from Long Island Watch often wears his similar Swatch Irony Body and Soul , and shows it on a wrist check .



I like skeleton watches and yours is a beaut. Several are currently listed on that well known auction site for sale but at 38mm diameter, it's a bit on the small size now for my eyesight. Still, I can appreciate the design. I've read that the backs aren't removable except by a factory service center (snicker). Was doing so difficult?

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