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    • "carrier solvent" -  not in lube oil.   the oldies are all gummed up  because they did not have synthetic  lube oil of today.   clocks and watches used whale oil.   vin
    • Just got this Sprite the other day had to service movement and give it a new crystal came out pretty good.   Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk    
    • Thanks for explaining Marc.   I always wondered howcome some vintage reversers are gummed up with dried oil,  " little or no carrier solvent".  Thanks and best wishes.
    • Have these two on the bench this week, thought it was a funny contrast. The left is the Lemania 5100, perhaps the epitome of industrialization and use of injection molded plastic in a mechanical chronograph; almost the whole chrono mechanism is on the dial side, under an acrylic plate that supports the date rings. Vertical clutch with nylon gearing in it, plastic all over. Extremely reliable however! This one had suffered some sort of chemical exposure in the past, with pock marks in the rhodium plating and harsh staining on the barrel great wheel. Ended up running fine with 11 second delta in 6 positions.   The right hand one is a Longines 30CH, one of the most beautiful chronos ever made in my opinion. This one was in fine shape other than a non-original, ugly, and nonfunctional minute counter jumper. The one present in the photo is the replacement I made. This beauty had a whopping 16 second delta, and still hit near 270 degrees amp at 24 hours. Amazing.    
    • found this watch in a house clearance -  on the watch case is says the Franklin mint c 1989,  I think some of the watch could be gold but not sure ,  As you can see it looks in very bad shape and I am not sure if it is repairable  .  from what I can see there is Rust on some parts from possible water getting in - the front glass is missing from the watch  -     At the moment I have been learning on a cheap  ETA 6498  watch  so I have limited experience in watch repair,  so I might keep this watch  until I have  gain more knowledge of watch repairs .  As for the back case I think its a pop off  type but it feels stuck on and so far I cant get the case off,  so any advise on this watch and what I should do with it  will be very appreciated , if its just scrap I might just use it to learn on now  or for parts .
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