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    • I disregarded all the solutions specified for watch cleaning machines but now I’m thinking, why not in an ultrasonic bath? I have plenty of scrap movements, it’s worth a try. And the WF Pro doesn’t need a rinse in distilled water. I’m not sure what they mean by ‘rinse with distilled water’. Do I just put the baskets into the water for a while or in an ultrasonic batch for a minute or two? I’ll try the 1:9 as that’s already on it’s way but no doubt I will also try the WF Pro to see which works better. When it comes to swapping the cleaning solutions WF Pro instead of 1:9, I presume cleaning the jar with IPA will do the trick? The results will also most likely depend on the ultrasonic bath I will be using which is a standard £50 ultrasonic bath and looking at the ultrasonic cleaners they can be far more expensive. I’m not sure whether I will have to invest in a better one to get good results.
    • Today I'm letting may father's US government issue GG-W-113 stretch it's legs. It has a genuine Hamilton 685  manual wind with hacking. I got this for him last year as a father's day gift. The date on the back of the case is June 1969, the year he was there, and exactly 50 years since he was there plus the month Father's day falls on. I can be thoughtful... No matter what my wife claims!  It had random issues that I thought were minor, but then it flat quit on him. It has been on my bench since before Christmas waiting on me to troubleshoot it. Yesterday, I finally had some time to dig into it. Turns out the lower balance jewel Chaton had moved and just needed to be pressed back some. I had to guess as to how much to move it. Unfortunately I don't own a jewel press, very nerve wracking trying to push on the Chaton and not over do it. But it seems much better now, no stalling or anything. It's keeping excellent time. I gave the Crystal a better polish too. My first attempt was kinda half assed. So, I'll hang on to it and let it run down and sit for a week or so and wind it to see if it takes off. Fingers crossed.
    • Was the yellow mitigated by only Rodico? Nice job. 
    • This Timex quartz diver cost me the exorbitant price of £1.99...... Now looks like this.... (the new crystal and bezel insert did put the total price up to about £12 or so though...)
    • Thanks for the suggestion watchweasol.  I'll look around and see what might be out there Cheers, John
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