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    • I have had one interesting problem with a landeron 148 . The chronograph hand  was either to long or to thick in the tube. If i pressed it on to tight the chronograph stopped . I changed to an other hand and it worked fine. Don't now if this help . As i don't know if you have the hands on . 
    • hard to tell but it looks like it is hacked.  Technically you can do it in wind or set position with the 2824 but because of issues with the lever slipping off the clutch they suggest doing it with stem in set position so if you are in the "set" camp, you should expect to depress the set lever when re-inserting. If you don't, the stem may move the set lever back into the quickset or wind position...in which case you've defeated the purpose of having it the "set" position to begin with. I prefer stem in wind position esp on movements with hack feature which is standard on 7750 but optional with 2824.
    • Thank you JR. I bought an electronic copy of the book. But it much more difficult to read, due to page image quality, than the snippets you posted. I do believe the balance pivots are slipping out of the jewel holes when it is moved about. But not far enough to stop ticking. I will now pursue the premise that the staff is too short. Either due to ware or an incorrect staff or balance. Do you have any suggestions on books listing interchangeability of parts? I have a quite the collection of NOS balance complete and staffs. Wondering if I may be lucky enough to have the correct one? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
    • Oooooh! I thought you were talking about using D instead of oil. That makes much more sense. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
    • Its worth it for average use but again it will not help if you are working with movements with center seconds, esp ones that dont have a jewel bridge and just use a spring.
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