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    • Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum.
    • W W is right, if you show a picture of the cock laid upside down, we have a chance to figure out how to detach the HS and if the collet is removable then sorting the HS out and shaping an end curve isn't a tough task.  A top view with balance pivot inside the jewel hole, would be helpful.  
    • Hello all, I've been collecting watches for several years, mostly new ones until their prices skyrocketed in the past 5 to 10 years, so now I'm mainly focused on vintage watches. The vintage watches that are affordable these days usually need a bit of work, and I've found Mark's videos extremely helpful and educational. I look forward to learning more about watch repair from you all!
    • i would shop ebay.  But it aint that easy.  Is the movement you have new?  Or old?  The movements usually fit approx 3/4ths of the width of the interior, about 1/2 the depth of the interior. And 2/3rds to 3/4ths of its height, not including the v of the roof. You gotta have room for the bellows in the depth.  Its probably easier to buy a complete cuckoo clock and use yours to cannibalize parts from when needed
    • So I fortunately found a Cyma 587 calibre movement on Ebay by chance.  The lady i bought it from didnt even have a picture of the movement on her listing but the dial and hands of her watch are exactly like my Gubelin made by Cyma.  And for $30 including shipping i took a chance and was lucky. The Cyma 587 wasnt one of the company's most produced calibres. I took the complete balance assembly out of the $30 junker.  Staff/roller/hairspring and its stud and balance wheel.  And placed that into the Gubelin watch.  Using the Gubelin balance cock. So far so good.  The watch is running.  I used my timer and got the speed to -28 seconds a day.  HOWEVER...... The balance only swings face side down or with the plates vertical.  If I place the watch face side up, the balance stops. At this moment i let the watch run for 2 days. I wound it twice.  Then i placed it back in its case and put it away after it lost power on day 3. While its dormant I bought a microscope.  I feel the cock jewels may be amiss.  Im unsure. If and when i figure out whats the issue.  Ill submit an update
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