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    • Has anyone here worked on an ultrasonic such as this one?  L&R Maxomatic.. I was told it will smoke when powered up. After opening it up I pulled the tube and right away I see it failed because the top cap fell off! Also I noticed debris inside which of course is not a good sign either.   So what to do?  I found a used tube for BIN at $20.00 and best guess is the machine is maybe worth $40.00 Is it something I should get into just for the fun of it? Heck yeah, what is the worst I can be other than burning down the house    
    • I took the forum advice and inserted the lever from the dial side and everything worked perfectly. Many thanks to all!
    • Hi. I have a Tommy Hilfiger watch that damaged the pusher a few months ago when it fell on the ground. I opened the watch to try to fix the pusher because it is stuck in a pressed position. I tried pushing it back from the inside after removing the mechanism but it is very hard. I was going to try using a press to remove it but I don't know if the pusher is pressed or it is threaded. The inside is just a pin with a circular lock. How can I find this out?
    • I have a Hamilton Khaki ETO using ETA 251.292 (but doesn't have tenth of a second dial). Recently the watch chronograph has stopped working. It will no longer start and the hands can no longer be reset by pulling the crown and pressing the buttons. I first thought it could have been the battery but then I replaced it and the problem still persists. I downloaded the tech manual for the movement and opened the watch to have a closer look. I found nothing, the coil are in good conditions, the buttons are working fine and the gears are also in good order. So what could cause the chronograph not to work on this particular movement? All I can think of is an electrical problem (corroded circuit board or a faulty coil, rotor maybe?). Any help would be greatly appreciated as the watch holds sentimental value. Renaud
    • Hi all. Im an electrical engineer from brazil who enjoy fixing damaged electronic. I just realized that I enjoy fixing my own watches also. :) hope to learn some stuff from this community.
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