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    • I've asked. It came originally from SE Asia and anything is possible. Cosmetically good though. I've just opened it up -again - and it's a cal. 565. It doesn't do my nerves any good handling it because that unobtainable sweep second hand won't tolerate a single refit...
    • Hi  The only way to get rid of the scratches is to buff/polish the case, If you are going to do it your self it will require some tools  ie buffing machine and, types of buffing soap in different grades.  Or as an alternative take it to a watchmaker/jeweler to have it done.                            https://www.great-british-watch.co.uk/how-to-polish-a-watch-case-and-bracelet/ The above link should give you all the  information  you require.  We do appreciate an indroduction from new members  when asking for help.   
    • Hey! Your 3rd video has been removed too!  What was the original condition of this movement? I had a Seiko recently that had a similar problem. The guys here at WRT think it might have been a Mumbai special. It had a whole bunch of teeth missing but the 2nd wheel was in perfect condition. Most probably caused by improper technique when opening the mainspring barrel.
    • Hi The movements are usually secured in to the case using locking pieces or screws,  were these replaced when last serviced. If you can provide the calibre number we may be able to find a tech sheet for the watch.
    • The whole question of price is based on brand names, the bigger the brand the greater the price. The same can be said at the other end of the scale  the greater profit is a cheap movement in a flash big brand case. The average watch buyer knows nothing about the mechanics of the watch only that it carries an in you face  big brand and by that has street cred. But as Old Hippy says its their money and if they want to spend it on a flash watch with no guts that's their problem. They only get disapointed when it stops and Mr watchmaker  tells them it cant be fixed and the answer then is I paid £££££s for that watch. Up till then is just bling on the wrist.
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