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    • Hi I live in Queensland Australia. My main interest is restoring and shooting vintage firearms at which I am quite experienced including more advanced repairs. I have a Sherline microlathe and often fabricate small parts and fit them to guns. This includes screws, hinge pins and firing pins. I have a Youtube channel with the same username. I have multiple interests and always admired interesting watches although don't know much about them. I wear a Tissot PR50 which I bought on my 40th birthday 16 years ago and is still going strong and I also have a Vostok Anphibian I mail ordered from Russia for outdoor pursuits. I recently bought a vintage Vostok Margolin pistol to go with it! I just recently got slightly into watch repair and recently bought basic tools and replaced the battery in my Tissot and am now in the process of trying to replace the movement in my wife's Ripcurl Classic Surf watch bit have hit a snag so have come here to look for an answer. Thanks in advance fo any help you can give me.
    • Insert a safety razor in between the movement and dial, work it around the movement, wigle the blade to detach.
    • I am new to watch repair and am cautiously attempting my first project. My wife has a Ripcurl Classic Surf Watch which stopped. I took it to a jeweller to get a new battery but they said it wouldn't go and the movement was non functional. I proceeded to do some forum and youtube research and bought a case opened and holder. I removed the back and found that it had a Ronda 763 movement marked Swiss Parts Thailand Made, 1 Jewel, Ronda and 763. Some web research indicated that this is a cheap movement but a better quality Swiss made 763 movement was available. I found one of these online and purchased it. In the mean time I also purchased a hand remover and installer. I have successfully removed the crown and movement and removed the hands but I cannot work out how to remove the dial from the movement. Online sites show the Swiss 763 movement and indicate the holes where the dial feet are which the new movement does have but the old one does not. I have looked right around the edge but there is no obvious mechanism. How do I remove the dial from the original movement and how do I use the dial feet attachment on the new movement?  
    • Hi there! Not yet tbh I don't see that dial style that often for sale on eBay... Least not under £100 lol
    • Hi Watcheasol,  It's just a number 23124326 or something - its a serial number. Cheers
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