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    • Hi Jess, welcome to the forum.  
    • This is the image in question I believe. If you are having trouble inserting images, you will get better results using the Insert other Media link in the bottom right of the editor window, then choose Insert image from URL.  
    • Hi everyone I've always scouted this site but been too nervous to say hello - I know absolutely nothing when it comes to watches and repairing/servicing them. My dad has a good 100 or so watches that he has been repairing and for the most part has been successful. I am more the tech help when it comes to sourcing parts online so I apologise in advance for saying anything that may sound stupid!!  Anyways I shall stop rambling now but wanted to drop by and say hello!   Jess 
    • I've received a 2824-2 watch with the complain that it stops. Just looking at it in jeweler's shop I noticed: date misaligned date changes at the wrong time caseback opening scratches doesn't hack weight hardly turns Then while disassembly one casing screw missing both dial feet snapped flush and consequent double side tape lots of oil in the oddest places, like under barrel bridge missing stop lever barrel bridge screws lose, likely that's why the ratchet wheel left marks on it and it would not auto wind. driver scratches on the barrel One could think that was the result of an improvised repairer or owner. Not so, as it happens it was given to this small town shop which proudly has a sign outside: "master watchmaker". After a long time and much money the desperate owner wanted to try someone else to repair it. I hope to be able to.
    • Just FYI, you're replying to a two years old topic. Also, we have a dedicated section where it's considered polite for new members to introduce themselves.
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