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    • Pivot jumps out of the jewel hole easily if the side shake is due to large jewel hole.  What oil did you use on escape teeth? And how much? How did you apply the oil?  Surely you know, poor amplitude is usually due to the drag on pallets.  Did you take the readings you posted on low barrel wind? Low power?  replaced the mainspring? How did you clean the balance jewels, did you peg? If the cock was previously shimmed on the outer bounds, the shim easily go unnoticed or gets  washed away and you be left with excess end shake. I think the balance is fine, the issue lies in the esacpe mech and shakes need finer adjustment then proper lube.
    • Ah, ok, as you mentioned 220 Amp with chrono running I didn't think about this area.   So here are more candidates: - remove chrono runner friction spring nd observe amp (to check if tension was too high) - check engagement of driving wheel-clutch wheel-chrono runner (if its too high and teeth are touching the opposite wheels ground amp will collapse). Do the check with the chrono running for a whole minute in case not all the wheels are 100% concentric.   I think you already checked that all bearings are absolutely clean and no teeth are damaged (esp on the runner).
    • Hi, Can anyone help identify this movement please. I received this in a job lot of cheap project watches - Spares & repairs.  The watch is supposed to be a Debaufre GMT Ocean 2 but I suspect it's fake because there's no letters or numbers on the movement and it just has a cheap feel & look to it. Plus there's a type of retaining metal ring surrounding the movement. Is that normal or common?  Any help to identify this would be much appreciated. Thanks. 
    • Hi, welcome to the forum Jordan.
    • Hi, I'm new to the watch hobby and after a couple absolute disasters with cheap movements, trembling sausage fingers, microscopic screws & springs vanishing into thin air and the feral cry of agonising frustration when nothing goes back together, I decided it's time to get some help (Or therapy).  I'm really enthusiastic to learn BUT I'm a bit dopey when it comes to understanding certain things (Well, most things really). Simply put: I'm thick lol.  My interest in, or attention to this hobby was propogated when a kiosk watch service wanted £140 to change a battery. £140...... FOR A BATTERY. I couldn't believe it. He murmured something about having to send the watch away because it needed to be pressure tested, or something to that effect, but I stopped listening after he quoted the price and decided to change it myself. The rest - as they say - is history.  So, that's my testimony lol. I hope to learn from you guys and I sincerely appreciate the opportunity.  Many thanks. Jordan. 
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