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    • Pardon my photography skills... You should be able to see various shots of the hairspring, shots of the collet from two angles, and a shot of the cock with the fork where it attaches. Somewhere on/under/near my desk is a tiny mote of shellac that popped off and was formerly holding the spring in the collet.   
    • Hi watch and clockmakers, May I ask for your thoughts about the glue shall be used to fix the crown to the stem? I did my initial research and many mentions loctite, but i found none of the ppl who actually said which loctite. When it was mentioned on this forum loctite 638 it was also stated that probably not ideal. Even in Mark's video loctite was just mentioned as loctite. Is it obvious as which one? As far as I understand it has to be strong enough so the crown would not come off and weak enough to be able to remove the crown? I guess the latter only matters with special crowns not the ones you can buy for 10p, or when you cannot easily replace the stem/crown with vintage watches as they are not available for purchase? Would this one do? : loctite I guess many would use something else than loctite. Take care and my bestregards, Lui
    • Thank you for your answer. So after it is all disassembled  I use a staking set and just press it back in? 
    • Yeah... I only have dialup level bandwidth on a good day, and today is not a good day. It'll take me some time on a number of fronts. Hopefully by tonight...
    • Well since the case is of stainless steel ..   the rest is probably as genuine...
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