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Repair of Vostok watches


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Hi everyone! I have recently acquired a couple of Vostoks which are giving me trouble. I know very little about watch repair, but am told that these ex-military pieces are pretty robust and easily fixable. Any advice appreciated!

1) a Komandirskie (apparently late 70s or early 80s). Worked like a dream when it arrived, then stopped. I took it in for repair, and was told that the mainspring has snapped. The watch has been sent away, but I'm now told that the repairer cannot get the necessary parts. 

2) An Amphibia (same era).  Again, worked when it arrived, but has stopped in the past 24 hours. It winds, but there is no response from the watch. Having spent £65 on it £40 getting a strap cut and fitted, I'm loathe to bin it, but am getting rather embarrassed taking my crazy Soviet watches into the repairers....

what I'd really like is a recommendation of someone who knows these watches and is happy to work on them for a decent price. Either a company or a hobbyist, I don't care. I know that lots of people seem to work on them, so hopefully I will be in luck.....

many thanks,


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The "stopping" is something I've noticed on a couple of my Vostoks. I've purchased a lot of NOS of late 90s Vostoks.

The solution I've found is to open up the back, release all the tension from the mainspring, then run the hands back and forth a  few times, this has temporarily solved my issues. While Vostoks do have a bullet-proof reputation, I'm betting, in your case (and mine)  that the watches are in desperate need of a service/oiling. Something I'm learning how to do.

In your case, if you're attached to the watch, either find a donor movement to take the mainspring out of, or swap the entire movement out.

If you are up to working on the, this Youtube video explains how to service a Vostok 2414a movement :


Best of luck!

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Watches of this vintage  could be of either  2209 or 2409 variety. The 24 series is still being  produced  and new parts are still available  from meranom  in Russia. The  22 series is archaic  .parts must be cannibalized  from  other  movements. These can be purchased  by the bushel online. CHEAP.

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