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Accutron slow-motion video

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Amazing truely amazing if you think of the engineering alone how do you even start to design a machine that can cut 320 teeth into a wheel that's got a 2mm dia and be so precise its mindboggling.

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Really good video. 

It is possible these days to make detail that fine with photo-resistive etching. But in 1960s that technology was not that good. These days we down to below nanometers of resolution in etching electronics.   


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    • By Graziano
      Hi all I thought this was interesting. So I share, but not my popcorn. 
    • By bradkuhn
      Hi,  Brad Kuhn here.  I really appreciate a well designed and well made device be it mechanical or electrical, cars, machines, or watches.  I am completely new to the watch repair world, although I have worn and appreciated a Rolex for many years.  One reason I am here is that the Accutron 2181, given to my father in 1976 as a retirement gift, no longer hums, and I want to try to repair it myself.  The other reason is that I found the discussions on this forum (that I read) to be congenial, informative, encouraging, and free of rancor.   I am starting pretty much at zero, although I do have an Accutron 218 movement holder, some seemingly decent tweezers and screwdrivers.  Although I do not intend to become a fully qualified watch repair man, I do have the Accutron repair and two other movements that I could improve.  My initial thoughts are: what tools are necessary?  What book/books should I read?  What online courses should I take (would rather not take a course)?  Anyway, here I am, not sure how to start.  Any input would be appreciated.
      Brad Kuhn
    • By pcuk
      I'm a newby, so please be gentle!  I have an early Accutron into which I need to fit a new crystal.  I have a NOS crystal.  I understand the principle of fitting a tension ring crystal with a press, but need to make a die to fit the crystal.  Does anyone know (or can estimate) the optimum internal angle of the top die please?
      Secondly, on a slightly different subject, I have seen on this site discussions about recessed crystals and non-recessed crystal, but from what has been said I still don't really understand the difference.  Could someone enlighten me further please?
      Thanks in anticipation. 
    • By maclerche
      I am very impressed with the beautiful videos like Mark and all you other put up in this forum ... thanks for that. But since I also am curious by nature, I would like to hear which setup is used to record these movies, since I also want to record some over time.
    • By RyMoeller
      Hi, I'm looking for some tips on how to best deal with removing battery corrosion from a plate.  
      The plate below is from my father's Accutron 218.  The battery failed and leaked at some point leaving a salt-like deposit that seems to be insoluble.  I've tried an acid bath (vinegar), alkali bath (sodium bicarbonate), and good old fashioned elbow grease to no avail.  At this point I'm thinking of just letting it be since it seems the plating is flaking off beneath and the corrosion shouldn't impact the function of the movement.
      If anyone knows about a magic bullet though I'd sure like to hear.  
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