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Miyota movement


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Hi all!

After introducing myself I started out with demounting the AS1900 movement.
I now came to a point to assemble a watch by my own.
I bought the Miyota 8215 series movement (pictures in attachment). I really want to make a dress watch.
Therefore i'm searching for a fitting case with dial and hands.
My question is now, before I purchase all products, does the 8215 movement fit with the
following case and dial?

Movement is the image in the attachment: (already purchased)








If you have any other suggestions for buying the case/dial/hands for this specific movement, I really would love to hear about it.


Have a nice weekend!

Kind regards,





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All of this will fit the 8215. The DG2813 is a clone movement of the Miyota. I've purchased stuff before and it fit fine. One thing to watch for though is, the dial may have 4 posts (dg2813, eta) but the 8215 only takes two posts. So you'll have to remove two posts if that's the case. No big deal, just be certain you're removing the correct ones!
Another thing to consider is that all the movements listed that fit the case are close, but not exactly the same size. You may need to modify a spacer or something along those lines to keep the movement in place.

Other than that, the watch will look great when it's done!!
Good luck!

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Thanks for answering the question:)
Just to be sure, with removing the posts you mean the dial with date/month specifications isn't?

And I didn't find any cheaper cases, the most cheapest one I found was about 40 euro's.





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