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    • What is a "Ligne"? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ligne To convert https://www.convertunits.com/from/ligne+[France]/to/mm  
    • Hi well done jdm  a very comprehensive walk through. Anone working on the same movement would do well to read this before starting. excellent.  As regards the non cleaning of clean parts screws an plastic wheels I can see where you are coming from and respect that opinion, I also see Old Hippy's point of view,  being trained old school and very correct its hard to change. But as you say it works for you with no problems so therefore you do it your way. I have done it both ways and had no problems with either. Thanks again for a good and instructive walk through. 
    • I've used enamel paint (as you'd just get from a model shop) with good results.  I suspect the lacquer you've found is the same thing ... but perhaps thinned to a consistency that makes it easier to apply. When painting you want to do it in one stroke; don't be tempted to go back and fiddle as you'll be less likely to get a smooth finish. One coat is usually fine but if you think you need a second wait until the first is fully dried first. 
    • Its a early Landeron possibly a Calibre 13, only way to identify for sure would be a pic of the keyless works, Eberhard in my experience from a number of years ago are a very good company to deal with if you require parts they will supply if they have them in stock, they also seem to have good factory records so if you contact them with the serial number they may be able to help.
    • Very much appreciated, this walk-through. It's amazing how much quicker I can work if I don't have to photograph everything! I have removed the balance cap-jewels and settings for cleaning. I'm confident I can put these back OK. There are two other cap jewels held by Diafix springs on the barrel and train-wheel bridge, for the escape wheel and third wheel. These are smaller, and look like a challenge. Before I do something I'll regret, what are your opinions? a). Leave well alone, no need to tempt fate or b) Absolute must, if you are doing a proper job
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