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@GeorgeClarkson The "sorry" was only for that I couldn't resist my impulses ..... I saw it, did the investigation to the best of my knowledge and had to press the "buy it now" button. Luckily, all the information I received so far indicates that the watch seems to be genuine. I just put some pictures of my newly acquired "Baby" under "Your watch collection"; "Poljot 3133 Chronograph". Not sure whether it (ever) has had a service, I will soon get my hands "dirty".

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    • Folks: I'm looking to regulate my wife's new Bulova 98P170. I beleive it is using the Miyota 82S0 movement: I've been monitoring the watch's rates with the WatchTracker app for a while now.  During active daily wear it is +30.2 spd. Over night Crown down it is +15.4 spd.  So over 4 days it is running +24.8.  I'm hoping to get it down near +10 spd---with slight regulation. My trouble is, I'm not fully confident I can tell how this specific movement should be adjusted. See photo of the balance spring with the "+" and "-" indicators. To me it isn't perfectly clear how to slow it down. Sure, the retard indicator on the right would make me think I possibly to move the adjuster so the open gap (red circle I put in the pic) toward the "-". To do this, I assume I gently push against the adjuster on the right side (red arrow); however, it just isn't as clear as I would like.  Can someone please confirm?  I'm trying to tell if this would increase the balance spring lenght, but without better magnification, not sure. I am ordering a magnification eyepiece soon. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  Please understand I'm fully aware I need to exercise extreme caution; make only ever slight movements as well as use a timing machine to see the instant impact of my slight changes.
    • Funny you should ask the question.  I was looking at some off the shelf cases for this purpose just this morning!  We'll have to give it a go and publish our results- there's a lot of orphaned Landeron movements that could use a new home.
    • You have to first identify the calibre number of the movement in this case im pretty sure its a Lecoultre cal.201 then search for a balance staff for that movement, all the usual places like part suppliers or ebay. Obsolete clock and watch has them at 25.00 a piece these movement went into aircraft clocks so parts will be scarce and costly  I recently needed a staff for a military pocket watch calibre 467 £20.00 each I then needed one for a calibre 415 a much rarer movement £8.95 for 12. So first off you need to establish the calibre.
    • Hi all, I have this little jaeger clock movement it measures 19 ligne about the size of a Pocket Watch but the pivot on the staff is broken, it measures 4 mm in length but where on earth do you start looking for a replacement.