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Building My New Watch Repair Workshop.

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Mark, good luck on your new shop completion. Look forward to seeing your new shop in action


I may have a similar need coming in the near future. I was thinking of setting up a large trailer home with workbenches and cabinets next to our home. Its insulated and comes with heat and air conditioning. 

Its just a glint in my eye right now so we'll see what happens.


Al T.

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Yes - going for white silk.


I put the lighting up and have changed my mind now about the strip lighting. Very flickery and noisy. The flickering will cause migraines - and the noise will drive me nuts. I just took it down for painting and will not be putting it back up.


Got some kitchen units for the base which I will sit on house bricks to bring them up to height. Plywood for the worktops which I will laminate. Lots of work to do, but i'm fired up.

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It's great to hear that you are nearing completion Mark. Having just fitted LED lights in my kitchen, I decided to purchased an LED lamp from Cousins; it will be here on Monday and I'll let you know what I think of it.



Just put loads of GU-10 LED's in my kitchen this week. They are brilliant.



Just finished the second coat - going to have to do one half first because of all the stuff. Keeps threatening to rain so I can't put it outside.







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Indeed. Found some low energy bulbs online with equivalent of 170w each 35w actual and a daylight tone. Will order 6 of them. Hopeful that will be enough light for the room (aside from the bench lights of course)

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    • Yes you will find them on ebay. No cal or ref as I have already said parts are not interchangeable. It does not have a balance staff it has a cylinder  which watchweasol has already pointed out. Here are a few photos so you can see the difference. A cylinder movement is not a good place to start for a beginner. Photo 1 Cylinder. Photo 2 Balance staff. Photo 3 Cylinder escapement. Photo 4 Balance staff escapement also called an Anchor escapement.
    • It sounds as though you are happy with this situation and have no ill feelings towards Swiss manufacturers whatsoever.  😄
    • Hey everyone I enjoy tinkering and used to get my fix by making knives, but with a baby (now toddler) that hobby has been put on pause.  My co-workers dad used to be a watchmaker but had to stop due to arthritis. I was lucky enough for him to give me some basic supplies to get started along with some busted movements and books. After destroying one movement I signed up for Mark's online course and have made my way through half of it while working on a couple of my own movements. Eventually I'd like to get to the point where I can buy vintage pieces and restore a handful a year. There is surprisingly little information on watchmaking and this forum has already been a great help. Cheers! Adam  
    • Any chance you can take some pictures and give a quick review of the tool? I suspect many of us will be quite interested in this tool.   I agree that some of the Swiss-branded tools are at least made in part in China, but touched-up/finished marginally in Switzerland. On the other hand, some of the Chinese tools are really a direct clone of the tool, which wouldn’t be so vexing if they actually worked as advertised: I bought some pallet forks for 2824-2 from china which were advertised to be compatible with ETA 2824-2 but couldn’t fit in the jewels. I have had better experience with Chinese tools that have their their own branding (such as Weishi), but even then, there are sometimes multiple listings on AliExpress of seemingly identical items with different Chinese brands. I would think that if one was a Chinese-speaking watch enthusiast in China, it would be easier to locate reliable Chinese tool manufacturers (as @HectorLooi previously mentioned) but for us, we have to rely on actual reviews from people who own the item!
    • Wow a thousand pound watch and the stem removal is booby traped by poor design 😎
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