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How do I remove crown/stem from Timex Expedition?


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Apparently, like this.............


Only problem is now,  the pin  doesn't seem to budge - I've tried both pressing it down vertically, and in various directions horizontally, while pulling on the crown/stem!  No go!



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No, that's not going to work. I'm not sure about this, but right above the arrow it looks like the stem goes through a piece of flat spring like steel. that piece may act like a "yoke" on the stem, you might try very gently moving it up and see if the stem will slide through.

Just a guess.

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Your welcome.  I have 2 other Timex Expedition watches, but I don't know whether they have the same type of movement (Timex TIM M905).  Next time I change their batteries, I will have a look.  I don't want to open the backs too often as they (as many cheaper watches) have press-on backs, and it is virtually impossible to remove/replace without a minimum of damage. Greetings.


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