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On behalf of "Watch Repair Talk" moderators, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all new members.  

This is a friendly place with plenty of knowledgeable people who have varying degrees of horological expertise, the great thing is they are willing to share that invaluable knowledge and help one another.

To help us keep things running smoothly, I would ask all new members to read the forum rules and place their posts in the correct sections.

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hi everybody

my name is roger and i live in central france in retirement,  my hobby is collecting watches and occasional tinkering. there

seems to be a wealth of knowledge and experience on this site which will be of great interest to me. well best wishes ti all

and now i will begin searching.

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I just joined today having recently realized that I actually have a small collection of modern and vintage watches, and I had better learn how to take care of them - this site looks great for that; also, I stupidly broke the most sentimentally important watch I have and I need some advice on it before heading to an expert.  My vintage watches are all gifts from my father, who likes to collect one here and there; none are high value but all are interesting for their connection to history:

Here is a list and I am posting photos:



Orient Mako II automatic dive watch (brand new)

Pulsar quartz chronometer (dates from approx 1990)

Seiko quartz dress watch


Lord Elgin mechanical (runs)

Waltham mechanical (runs) 

Elgin DeLuxe Shock Master mechanical (runs but needs a back - it disappeared)

LeJour Chronometer (needs repair)









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Hi, I am new and taking several watch making classes. A retired engineer and finding watch making and repair fascinating. I have assembled a nice collection of tools and lots of junk watches to practice on. The attached pictures are of my still evolving work area 




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Hi everyone 

I am Bazza and I have developed an interest in watches mainly as a result of wanting to get my grandfather’s pocket watch running. When I was young (now in my 70s !) it sat in my fathers drawer untouched. My grandfather died like so many in the First World War, so it hasn’t run for many years. To my own amazement, with help from forums like this and from YouTube, it is now running. It was the pallet fork causing the problem. I think I am now hooked on this business !

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@Jim61; I can't see (unless I overlooked something) that anybody replied to your introduction :o Have you fallen through the cracks of this forum ?? Are you still there? I'm sure the forum would love to have you, as an experienced engineer, onboard !! Please use in the "Introduce yourself here" section the green "Start new Topic" button (top right) to create a new introduction thread for yourself ;)

If I'm wrong and you are already happily cruising along on this forum ...... then welcome from me :biggrin:

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    • Plastic crystals have a lot of stress and this will eventually show up as a lot of hairline fractures on the crystal. If you are saying you want to save the original I would recommend not bothering they are considered consumables. Get an original crystal installed by a proffessional is the best route. Not much difference in price to buying one from them and installing  it yourself. Anilv
    • Say that fast 5 times 😂
    • I have a few questions on the use of a (lever-type) jeweling tool in the adjustment of jewel endshakes, as I have never done this before. 1. If the endshake is too much or too little, how do you choose where to adjust the endshake? Do you adjust the endshake on the train bridge, or the main plate, or both? How do you decide which is the best? 2. When inserting the pusher into the spindle of a lever-type jeweling tool, such as a Favourite, is the best practice to take out the entire spindle from the tool frame to insert the pusher? And likewise, take out the entire spindle from the tool frame to remove the pusher? Or is it perfectly ok to insert or remove the pusher when the spindle is still inside the jeweling tool frame. Which way is safer/ best practice. 3. Is there an attachment to the base of the jeweling tool to hold the mainplate or bridges? I don’t seem to see any for sale, new or otherwise. Can I make one?
    • In the USA, you could try: https://www.jewelerssupplies.com/ or http://www.julesborel.com/ Cousins in the UK might be a possibility (although Waltham is a US watch, I'm sure some of them made it across the pond). https://www.cousinsuk.com/ Mark also has a list here: https://www.watchfix.com/category/watch-parts-tools-suppliers/watch-parts-tools-suppliers-us/
    • Yup. It's like the song from The Greatest Showman.... Never Enough! Never, never...
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