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How to remove watch face of Armani AR-2432


Hi folks,

I was wondering if anyone knows how to remove a watch face off an Emporio Armani AR-2432. I was able to remove the back case, stem, and push pins but to my shock and horror, found out that the watch face was bigger than the case so I can't pull it from the back.

The only thing I can think of is to pop open the front bezel by sticking a stanley knife or razor between the bezel and case. However, before I do that and wreck the watch, I thought it might be best to check with the pros.

Reason why I need to get to the front face is to re-position the two chronograph arms that's come loose and jangling around the crystal area.

I've attached pictures on how it looks and where I want to pop it open

If anyone can offer a tip or two please let me know.

Thank you in advance.


House of George




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Just to give everyone an update, yes, the blade/knife did work.

I had to use the Stanley Knife as the razor blade was too flexible and flimsy. I did work around the bezel by turning the watch around as I work the knife between the bezel and case.

After a while, the gap widened and the whole bezel and crystal popped out. Woohoo!!

I was able to affix the sub-dial arms and place them on 12 positions. Unfortunately though, it seems the movement is faulty. I pressed the buttons and the sub-dials won't move at all and I doubt it measures time in minutes rather than in seconds.

It's not a big issue however as the customer just wants it put back in place. The loose arms floating around the watch face was very much annoying. Well, not anymore.

Thanks for everyone's input. <3


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3 hours ago, kevin123 said:

Anyone have any other guidance here? I've been trying to separate the front bezel off and can't make any progress for the life of me...

If your watch is identical to the one in picture, the answer has been given above already.
If it's different, post good pictures front, back and side.

BTW, we've a section here used to introduce oneself even before asking pictures.


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Im having the same problem. Took the back off, took out the crown and found the face/dial is bigger than the opening at the back by 2.5 mm.

I need to change the crystal.

How does the bezel go back on? Is it pop on or does it require glue?

Picture of the watch with open back can be seen below.

Many thanks to any one that can shed some light on this.


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Thanks fella,

I managed to do this yesterday. It takes a while! Notch on mine was at the 6 o clock position.

There does not seem to be much info about this kind of watch on the net or YouTube so hopefully this thread can help others as this is a very popular watch. Many in the Armani range are made in the same way.

A Stanley knife type blade in a good quality holder helps. I started at the notch and went around the bezel a few times. Need to be careful not to aim the pressure in wards when popping off the bezel (It pops very suddenly and shoots off) I managed to damage the hour hand and the chronograph hand fell out. ( My first time fixing a watch so still learning ) bent the hour hand back in to place so it was all good.

There is a seal where the bezel fits in to the case and I would have thought running a blade to pop it off would damage this seal. Worth replacing if you plan on going swimming while wearing this watch.

As Kevin says above, It pops back on. Took me a while because it wouldn’t fit flush. I turned the bezel 180 degrees and it went straight on, so worth trying different directions / positions.

You defiantly need the following...  A watch press - Watch repair kit - !Very steady and nimble hands!

Image below shows the watch taken apart.


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