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    • By daveincarthage
      Got a ladies Omega De Ville in an auction lot today. My limit for repairs to this point has been installing batteries. The watch runs but runs several hours fast. 
      I know there are a few reasons it could be running fast. I don't have a degausser but suspect it could be magnetized. 
      What are some other things I should consider or questions I should ask if I take it in for repair?
      Also, do you know if there was originally a plastic retaining ring to secure the movement in the case? There was none when I opened the back.
      Thanks in advance!

    • By jakobvinkas
      Not sure if this is the right place for my question since I do not intend to do the repair myself. However I am wondering if anyone knows an approximate price of a tachymeter for the Omega 3520.50 day-date (tripple date).
      If anyone has any idea what a insert and the "repair" would cost at a watch shop, please let me know.
      Thanks in advance.

    • By east3rn
      I am about to work on a Omega ladies automatic watch.
      I found out that the axis of the rotor is out of place and shakes up and down.
      What could be done in this situation?

    • By arkobugg
      Cheers mates!!
      Had to get new winding stem to an Omega cal. 342 , beacuse not original crown.
      Got an replacement from Ronda, but does not fit.
      Tried to fit the stem yesterday, but Im not able to get in in right in the movment.   The original just go right in every time, but the new Ronda stem will not go properly in.   Are there anyone that have some ide why this not fit?   Can the notch in the stem where I have put red arrow have somthing todo with this??   Its slightly smaller on the Ronda stem...  se photo  

    • By arkobugg
      Cheers Mates!
      Working on a Omega Cal. 613, have done service, and watch performs well on the time-grapher, but when put dial and hand on, I can see that the
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    • Just got this in the mail. Needs a new mainspring. Center wheel is gold!!! Plated ??     Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
    • Check if Mehima singh has some hands. He had before. But they cost . https://mehima-singh.com/product-category/movement-parts/seiko/
    • This site has some original and repo parts for these watches https://speedtimerkollektion.com/shop/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=kakume&search_in_description=1&osCsid=fs0agg7cqf0mc9q0aihcffp4sq&x=5&y=7
    • As the trimmer on this is a tiny low value variable capacitance it is probable that some contaminant has bridged between the two capacitor plates, at an edge, and dramatically changed the value of the trimmer, preventing the quartz oscillator from running. Turning the trimmer would break any bridging at the edge. 'All' you need now is to reset the trimmer for accurate time keeping , fortunately something I can now do on these, since I realised that  if I set the gate time on my Seiko QT-99 Quartztester to 120seconds it reads these and allows you to adjust them accurately. My M58 jump minute watch now runs to +0.5 secs/day
    • Thank you for correcting my "honest" mistake. 
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