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Jason Mauer


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Hi all, greetings from sunny South Africa. 


I'm looking for some advice on pall setting/alignment methods used for bulova accutron or eta/omega 9162 or similar movements. I have been serving / restoring these for a few years now and it's always a pain to align/set the alignment. 

If anyone could point me in the direction, or know of any documentation on official service procedures I would be greatly appreciative.


Jason Mauer 


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Hello Jason and welcome,

I saw Georges reference and have PM'd you a list of PDF's and a site reference, hopefully there are no problems.  I am in the process of creating an Accutron entry for the PDF / Document library and once Mark is back from Holiday he is amending my permissions to set it up and add other documents I have obtained in the public domain.

If you have been servicing them for a few years doubtless you have come across info I and others will be interested in.  I had difficulty up to the point where I bought a stereo microscope with 70x mag which was the the point where I was able to set the "draw" and phasing the accutron was more viable ie I could actually see the teeth on the index wheel.  I know others have managed with other types of magnifying devices but my eyes are not up to it. The site I referred you to:-


is a gold mine of information and you could do worse than reading through it.  My thanks go to Rob Berkavicius and his co-writers for providing so much valuable information that set me off on the right path.



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