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Anyone know which clockmakers mark this is?

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The mark Foreign was a requirement UK's Merchandise Marks Act, 1926 which states:

In the case of goods manufactured or produced in any country, the word "foreign" and in the case of goods manufactured or produced in part of His Majesty's Dominions outside the United Kingdom, the word "Empire"; or the definite indication of the country in which the goods were manufactured or produced; the indication being given, in either case, conspicuously etc. etc.

Most German clocks tended to use this mark instead of the country of origin due to the strong post WW1 anti German sentiments at the time.

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1 hour ago, buzz12 said:

Thanks for the Mikrolisk idea, Rogart. Didn't find anything in S, but a very interesting site.

Tried to upload a picture of the movement but it failed. Will try again later.

I found a very similar mark but it was not excatly the same? Schocken AG . Did you see that? Tried google it and found nothing :) 

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Ditto, great minds think alike, Rogart. It is on a triple train movement that I think came from a mantel clock.

2 hours ago, Blacklab said:

Most German clocks tended to use this mark instead of the country of origin due to the strong post WW1 anti German sentiments at the time.

Cheers Blacklab. So it might be German? Well that's some progress. The search goes on...

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Just a thought ... if I was a manufacturer whose acronym included three S's then it could make sense to create a stylised logo that had three S's in one!

So we're after a non-British clock maker, maybe German, with potentially three S's for their name. I know Salomon, Siedle and Sohne and W&A Schmid-Schlenker for instance. Were there other 'foreign' makers with multiple S's?!

Undoubtedly a red herring but worth seeing if this narrows anything down! :unsure:

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    • Thanks🙂 so much I just got your reply so I will let you know. 
    • Hi there Mr jdrichard, glad you have these holders. You can also apply pressure on stubborn screws and the Myers won't let the movement flip of the holder and the whole show end on your bench. Also keep well lubricated both holders. 
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    • Hi All, Just am update.  I have received the donor movement and took the couple of parts I needed before I started my attempt on the dial side.    I believe I am missing 3 parts.  See photos.  If anyone has them as spares, please let me know.  I am not sure the ‘Dial Rest’ part is needed for mine as it was not on the dial.  It’s big enough for not to be missed etc but I may take it if available.    Regards, Yasser.
    • if the case back is not original you're definitely going to have a problem. Usually when ordering components for cases for Seiko watches everything is based on the case back number. It could be a different case back as long as it's the right case back for that case then you could use the number. But if it's totally wrong case back here in trouble sort of? If you look at the dial usually on the bottom there is a dial number it's not exactly the same as the case number. But it helps to narrow down the range of what you're looking for. They is probably I was Seiko is that they've made so many case components. They haven't old it's been discontinued desk of even a bigger problem.  I know their sites out there were people are modifying their Seiko watches if you can find one of those sites may be they of something generic.  
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