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Miyota Movement - Which is this?


I am looking for a stem/crown for a Miyota quartz movement (see attached).  Why does Miyota seldom write the movement's part number on the movement?  Can anyone help? It goes inside a cheap Nelsonic LAX 766 watch.


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Looks like a 2035.  However I personaly would not bother with a new stem. See link below for £5 you can purchase a new movement (with battery) & they are normally supplied with a stem.



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Thanks all of you.  No, no dates.  Another quickie:  I have a number of Miyota stems which seem to fit the picture - Miyota seems to use stem no. 065-468  on many of its movements..  BUT - they seem to be unthreaded!!!  Why?

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I agree with all of the above. Although, my Myota's 2035's came with threaded stems right on if I remember correctly. I might be mistaken since I've had them for some time waiting for a customer in distress with a cheap (or sometimes not so cheap) watch. You can have them in "Gold Supper" or silver for like a dollar extra (US$4 vs. US$5). Also, the Myota 2025 is the same movement minus the seconds hand.

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There are a couple of variations on the miyota 2035 series movement stems.  Its cheaper to buy a new movement with the stem already fitted than mess about.   A couple of pounds on ebay,  or from a watch parts supplier such as Cousins UK if you have a trade account.

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    • You know, I wonder if I could adapt a micro-mesh single-serving reusable coffee filter to the same purpose. I keep ending up working on large (50 & + mm.) Swiss pocket watch movements that would not fit into smaller cleaning holders. But they might fit in a coffee filter. You gave me an idea, sir! Thank you.
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