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    • Check if Mehima singh has some hands. He had before. But they cost . https://mehima-singh.com/product-category/movement-parts/seiko/
    • This site has some original and repo parts for these watches https://speedtimerkollektion.com/shop/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=kakume&search_in_description=1&osCsid=fs0agg7cqf0mc9q0aihcffp4sq&x=5&y=7
    • As the trimmer on this is a tiny low value variable capacitance it is probable that some contaminant has bridged between the two capacitor plates, at an edge, and dramatically changed the value of the trimmer, preventing the quartz oscillator from running. Turning the trimmer would break any bridging at the edge. 'All' you need now is to reset the trimmer for accurate time keeping , fortunately something I can now do on these, since I realised that  if I set the gate time on my Seiko QT-99 Quartztester to 120seconds it reads these and allows you to adjust them accurately. My M58 jump minute watch now runs to +0.5 secs/day
    • Thank you for correcting my "honest" mistake. 
    • Praezis actually makes these for a very reasonable price- I'm glad you posted, I've been meaning to buy one and it slipped through the cracks, will order now!   If you send him a message he can send the info and user manual, it looks like a killer tool. Not only are the master balances rare to find (in odd beats especially), they are prone to damage and drifting in precision. I only do a hairspring every few months but I know this will pay for itself in zero time (pun intended).
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