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No sales forum rule.

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Just a wee reminder to everyone.

Please do not make any posts that either directly or indirectly constitute a sales advert, as it contravenes the long established forum rules and it will be removed.

Thank you.
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A number of other watch sites have adopted a minimum post rule before a member can participate in the associated sales forums. It's usually a minimum of 50 posts. I used to wonder at the logic of such a requirement and originally assumed that it was for the protection of the members from predators just wanting a quick sale. I'm not so certain any longer. After mostly lurking on another board for several years and observing the watches being offered for sale by some totally unscrupulous members, perhaps that rule is in place to protect the new members from the old ones. At any rate, I'm totally appreciative of the lack of a sales forum on this site. Bravo!

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5 hours ago, Francisdownunder said:

i am new to the forum and grateful to know this, how does it work if your repairing and in need of a perticular hard to find part and some one offers it too you?


That dosn,t constitute commercially benefitting direct/ indirect, nor a sale. You can join this  " pass it on"  program currently practiced between members.

Regards joe

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It would probably help to quote the section


what's interesting is if you look at the rules on the Facebook discussion that Mark has he extends it to not posting links to your YouTube videos which to be honest I actually quite like. Because I really like it if the discussions would stay on the group as opposed to which I've seen occasionally somebody saying go to my video it will solve your question where now the discussion is not on the group and not benefiting the group.

The simplistic is the group does not exist for you to make a financial profit off of the group.



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