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Greiner Chronografic Super - carbon paper strip

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Hi everybody!

My name is Manfred und i live in Austria. Last year i began to repair watches as a hobby and i like it more und more (by  the way the watch repair channel is great). Because of my interest i purchased an old Greiner timing machine (Chronografic Super) but i have one problem: The carbon paper strip is not very long anymore, so where can i get such an original strip? If somebody wants to sell it or knows a www-adress i would be glad.

Thanks and regards (i hope my English isn't too bad:))

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It would be nice to see the actual machine but the absence of that I'm guessing you want something similar to what I have in the picture? So before the pressure sensitive paper that prints without ink some form of ink or equivalent is required. This would mean either ribbon resembling typewriter ribbon or single use carbon paper. The ribbon type of timing machines were more economical in that the ribbon would feed back and forth the same as a typewriter. The carbon paper typically is used once although once you realize you may never get another spool again you didn't tear it off after each use you feed it back onto the spool.

Options are to find the carbon paper roll like found in the picture but it hasn't been made an extremely long time. I'm not sure if I've ever seen it come up on eBay? So I wasn't even sure of carbon paper exists but googling it appears to still exist this could be cut into strips unfortunately their relatively short strips. IBM Selectric typewriter ribbon mylar ribbon I had once thought of figuring out a way to reduce its size and use it in one of my machines.

Then you can go to the modern self inking paper. But the problem with this is finding the width of paper to correspond to your machine. If your machine is of different with then what the material house has you can buy something wider and trim it to size. I actually saw shop that had done this to keep their ancient machines going for a while longer. The roll of papers wound up is almost like a block of wood so if you're very patient and careful you can actually slice off reducing your roll to the correct size. Then touching up with a little fine sandpaper if the edge is rough from sawing.


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