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Case back engraving/etching


I'm modifying another Seiko and have obtained a replacement caseback from Dagaz to show off an improved replacement movement. 

I would like to have lettering engraved/etched in a curve like on the original caseback (as shown) but to reflect the changes I have made.

Don't laugh, but I approached Timpsons, who use a Rotary diamond engraving set-up. To be fair, he said he could do it on a curve but it wouln't be anywhere near as precise as the outgoing caseback. I also approached a fine jeweller who makes jewellery and can do hand engraving, but his costs were too high in comparison to the watch.

I have a local engineering company who have experience of laser etching small cylindrical metal objects and he said he will look to see if it's possible for him to configure it to achieve a radiused set of lettering. 

I know this is not strictly 'Watch repairs' but any other ideas gretly appreciated. N.b. this is just a £200 Seiko so cost is an issue and if it seems too difficult or costly I'll just leave it blank.

Thanks, Jason



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On 10/2/2016 at 7:57 PM, Tunokies said:

Padi Turtle finally arrived. Yup it's a big watch. I'm migrating towards smaller vintage watches but I just had to get this one. Very weighty. I'm very impressed with the standard bracelet with solid end links and the little diver's extension but I had to remove 5 links to get it on my 6.5" wrist.  


Looks great, I've just ordered one. looks like ill be waiting six or so weeks to get it though. ☹

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    • No no no no no, that is just one more reason you must have one. 😉
    • Thanks for posting the pictures and measurements.  I am going to make a hardwood mock-up and experiment with an old donor balance, and see how I like it.  So far, I can see it being rather handy for certain aspects of balance work.
    • so you would like us to look up your previous question and answer it? okay let's see how to figure out what your previous question is, I know I'll look on your profile and see if I can figure out that? so it looks like your previous question was this "Schematic or diagram for 7115 movement" if I answer the question here anyone looking on the other thread won't find it and they'll be confused wondering if anyone answered your question or not? Then there's a problem with that question number 7115 is a nice number but watches are usually made by a company so is this the company name? usually when people don't post pictures of their watch I go to the site below and look it up for them so we can see a picture and get a little technical description. fortunately there appears to only be one 7115 because otherwise if there was more than one we would be confused. Normally on pin lever type watches they were never really meant to be serviced. But on this discussion group people have service them before. But typically watches that were meant to be serviced aren't going to have service information. Then even if it did have service information somebody would've had to have scanned it to a PDF which conveniently are not finding in the usual places I look for PDFs. But I did get you parts list it's at the second link. Just because the parts list exist doesn't mean you're going to get the parts. A parts list indicates more information that I thought existed. then as a reason why you posted an update to ask if anyone has answered your previous question as opposed to asking that in the question itself? http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&0&2uswk&Ronda_7115 http://cgi.julesborel.com/cgi-bin/matcgi2?ref=RON_7115
    • Buler appears to have had a large number of watch trademark names. Somewhere of the order of thirty.  http://mikrolisk.de/show.php?site=280&suchwort=Buler&searchWhere=all#sucheMarker More about them here -> https://www.buler.ch/en/brand/history.html
    • Thanks in no small part to you. It looks pretty good considering it was just lying around as scrap. I still need to regulate it, but its not miles out, maybe 80 sec/day and slightly out of beat, but it is running pretty nicely. I may have the making of another BFG 866 17 jewel date mechaism, as I appear to have one more good balance staff with wrecked hairspring, and one wrecked balance with good hairspring. I'm not sure if I can graft the good bits together without wrecking them. I'll have a go some day. 
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