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MY Seiko Quartz Chronographs

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Dear Mr. Clarkson

Out of the twenty-two some watches I have in my wearable collection my three favorites are my 7T32's. The one below has a problem. I can put a brand new battery in it and follow the directions in the manual and it will work perfectly for about two hours and then promptly drain the battery and stop. I sent the watch in to Seiko America and they sent it back saying there was nothing wrong with it. I have thought about sending it back with a new battery and tell them to watch (ha ha) it longer than the time they probably spent checking it. The batteries are the SR927W and I'm at wits end. Of those three 7t's this is one I really would like to work, classic Roman numerals etc. Unless it's something my sixty-six year old eyes and clumsy mechanics fingers can fix my question to you is, do you take in watches to repair? Money within reason is no objection.



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