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Seeking info on CYMA chronograph

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Greetings, I am looking forward to being part of the WRT forum community and diving in with one of my favorite pieces I've found so far:

About two weeks ago I picked up what I believe to be a 1940s era Valjoux 22 chronograph branded by CYMA as a Ref. 400L movement. I am struggling to find any info on the particular movement and was hoping that someone here might know a little bit about the Ref. 400L. Or, what the differences are between the 400L and the 22. Quick searches on eBay and Google leave me wondering what I really do have here. The only thing I have done with it so far was change the hands and add the chrono second hand (which was missing when I bought it) with something more era-correct and not as in-your-face as the bold hands that were on there when I initially received it.

Unfortunately, Its not 100%... Now, I'm no watch maker by any means, but the movement looks quite dirty to my eye, and maybe even a bit pitted/rusty. And the balance assembly seems weak; visually ticks slower than I would have expected. The balance spring is not perfectly all in the same plane, it slouches downward a bit. And the chrono second hand resets beyond the zero position. Yet, the watch keeps decent time, haven't regulated it, but if I had to guess its somewhere around +10-15 s/d.

So, at this point, I'm just looking for info on the movement. Does anyone have experience working on such movements? And then further down the line, I hope to either find someone to service it, or if I find enough info and feel confident enough, I may attempt seeing what I can do with the reset function personally. What are your thoughts? Any info is welcome.

~Cheers, Zach



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